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This website* offers information for laymen and experts about various aspects of modern Gestalt Therapy.

Gestalt-Psychotherapy is the application of Gestalt Therapy in Psychotherapy. Gestalt Therapy is one approach within the category of Humanistic resp. Experiential Psychotherapies that are - besides Behavior therapy and Psychoanalytic approaches - the so-called third force in psychotherapy.

* This is a translated short version of the website: www.gestaltpsychotherapie.de that is written in German.

Description of the Single Pages:

  • News
    On this page the actual modifications of the website as well as news from Gestalt Therapy and Psychotherapy are announced.
  • Column&Forum
    Here a column about a Gestalt Therapy related topic is regularly published. Contributions are invited and very welcome!!! A Forum invites for discussion about the issue of the column-text and other themes.
  • Clients-Page
    This link is not activated in the English version (yet).
  • Professionals´-Page
    This page is for Gestalt therapists, psychotherapists and other interested people who specially are interested in contemporary Gestalt Therapy oriented themes.
  • Author
    Here I introduce myself as author and my interest in designing this website, also some of my publications (in German, one in English) are presented.


(References Fotos: 1. Fritz Perls, gest.14.3.1970 (Picture by Otto Dix). Karcher, Dix, Taschen Verlag 1988; 2. Lore Perls, gest.13.7.1990. Gestaltkritik, 2, 1997, both were the founders of Gestalt Therapy.)


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