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  On this page topical modifications of this homepage and news of interest from the Gestalt Therapy and Psychotherapy field are announced.

News from the Homepage
In a column on the page "Column&Forum" you can read an interesting contribution on the issue of "Gestalt Perception". I invite to read it and to respond to it in the forum. I also invite for further contributions by other readers and writers.

On the "Pro-Page" various links towards Theory&Practice, Origins&Sources, Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapy, Experiential Psychotherapy and Future oriented Concepts for Gestalt Therapy are now activated!

On the "Pro-Page" now you find a search-function that you can use to search the whole web-site for any term or key-word. Have fun!

News from Gestalt Therapy and Psychotherapy
None at the moment. Please send me information.

First I greet friends and Gestalt Therapy colleagues all over the world. This English version of the larger German website is an attempt to spread from little Germany to the wider field.
It will depend on the echo from you readers and contributors and how time-consuming it will be for me whether I can maintain the site over time. So I´ll give it a try!

Especially for the "column" I invite you to write something and submit it to me via the Forum. It is supposed to be a short - a half to one typed page - opinion or comment etc. to an issue related to Gestalt Therapy you personally deal with at the moment and are willing to present for discussion, also to a German audience. It doesn´t need to be a scientific essay, for sure.
Also if you have ideas and other contributions for this Website I am happy to receive your mail.

Because English is not my first language I am thankful for corrections of wrong English words or grammar.


Last word:

"Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all."
John Keynes (1883-1946)

from 'New Internationalist' Magazine
Taken from Green Letter No.62 by Jenny James


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