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  This page is for Gestalt Therapists, Psychotherapists and other professionally interested people who want specially deal with contemporary issues of Gestalt Therapy. By using the search-function below you can search for any term or key-word on the whole web-site (Set the button on Search in gestalt...!)

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  • Theory & Practice of Gestalt Therapy
    Here you find a growing collection of introductory texts and online-references to the theory of change, the therapeutic relationship and the methodology of Gestalt Therapy
  • Origins and Sources of Gestalt Therapy
    The historical roots and influences of the contemporary context in the first half of the 20th century on the development of Gestalt Therapy are presented here.
  • Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapy and Research
    Here you find a colletion of concepts and studies for the treatment of various disorders.
  • Experiential Psychotherapy
    This is a keyword by Leslie Greenberg and colleagues by which they propose that humanistic and interpersonal approaches may integrate under an umbrella identity of experiential psychotherapy for to foster development and research together and to get more influence in the psychotherapeutic field.
  • Future-oriented Concepts for Gestalt therapy
    On this page relevant concepts for possible future developments of Gestalt therapy are presented.
  • Journals
    Here relevant Gestalt therapy journals are presented.
  • Literature
    Under this link a commented literature list is being collected. Please send me proposals.
  • Other Links
    Other links that my be of interest.



Clinical Gestalt Therapy

Experiential Psychotherapy


Future-oriented concepts


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