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Experiential Psychotherapy is a keyword by Leslie Greenberg and colleagues by which they propose that humanistic and interpersonal approaches may integrate under an umbrella identity of Experiential Psychotherapy for to foster development and research together and to get more influence in the psychotherapeutic field.

Here a quotation that illustrates the proposed strategy:

"Finally, integration of various approaches under an umbrella identity of experiential therapy will be necessary to create a new third force. This will include the major approaches identified here, client-centered, existential, and Gestalt, and other experiential approaches such as focusing-oriented therapy, the body therapies, bioenergetics, feeling-experessive-therapy, feminist therapy, logotherapy, psychodrama, and reevaluation therapy. This integrated force will then be strong enough to stand alongside cognitive and dynamic approaches as a recognized alternative. Once an experiential therapy identity has been established by an integration of divese subgroups under a common framework, the task of exploring commonalities and differences with cognitive and dynamic therapies can begin. Then, from a strong base and with a secure identity, experiential therapy will be able to enter a dialogue with other orientation. Experiential therapy will be able to make a stronger contribution to these other approaches and will be more able to learn form them, aiding in the quest for an ultimatly unified, non-school-based approach to treatment. Until the time of an integrated apprach to the treatment of psychological problems has been developed, experiential therapists need a strong identity based on the study of good practice." (Greenberg, Watson & Lietaer (1998): Handbook of Experiential Psychotherapy, The Guilford Press, p. 465)


Network for Research on Experiential Psychotherapies (NREP)


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