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...Future-oriented Concepts for Gestalt Therapy...

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  On this page relevant concepts for possible developmental lines for Gestalt therapy are introduced. This is a wide collection not representing the opinion of the webmaster.
  • Developmental Psychology and Infant Research
    Pauls: "Das `innere Kind´ und die Entwicklung des Selbst".
    Mortola: "Sharing Disequilibrium: A Link Between Gestalt Therapy Theory and Child Development Theory".
  • The Self-organisation of Living Systems
    Der Spiegel: "Die Theorie der komplexen adaptiven Systeme (CAS)"
    Votsmeier: "Aspekte der Selbstorganisation und ihre Bedeutung für die Gestalttherapie".
  • Influences of other Psychotherapeutic Approaches
    Jacobs: "Insights from Psychoanalytic Self Psychology and Intersubjectivity Theory for Gestalt Therapists".
    Alexander, Brickman, Jacobs, Trop, Yontef: "Transference Meets Dialogue: A Discussion Between Self-Psychologists and Gestalt Therapists".
  • Influences of Neurobiology
    Brownell: "Renewing Our Roots in Neuropsychology: A Gestalt Perspective on the Work of Joseph LeDoux.


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