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  On this page the historical roots of Gestalt Therapy and the influences of the contemporary context in the first half of the 20th century are successively presented and how they have influenced the development and conceptualization of modern Gestalt Therapy. (Please help me to find sources in English language!)
  • The Path towards Gestalt Therapy
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    An Oral History of Gestalt Therapy (L. Perls, I. From, E.&M. Polster, E. Shapiro).
    Wulf: "The Historical Roots of Gestalt Therapy Theory".
    Miller: "Die Poetik der Theorie. Paul Goodmans psychologische Essays."
    Fritz Perls: "Psychiatry in a new Key". (frühe 50er Jahre)
    Höll: "Der philosophische Anarchismus als Quelle der Gestalttherapie".
  • Dialogical Existentialism
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Martin Buber
    Hycner: "Die Ich-Du-Beziehung. Martin Buber und die Gestalttherapie."
    Jacobs: "Dialogue in Gestalt Theory and Therapy".
    Jacobs: "The Therapist as 'Other': The Patient's Search for Relatedness".
  • Phänomenology
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Husserl: "Pure Phenomenology, Its Method and Its Field
    of Investigation."
  • Gestalt Psychology
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Sherrill: "Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Psychology".
    Barlow: "Gestalt - Antecedent Influence or Historical Accident"
    Walter: "Gestalttherapie und Gestalttheorie".
    Henle: "Gestalt Psychology and Gestalt Therapy".
    Wertheimer: "Gestalt Theory".
    Artikel-Archiv der "Gesellschaft für Gestalttheorie und ihre Anwendungen".
  • Field Theory
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Ullman: Kurt Lewin
    Crocker, Brownell u.a.: Field and Boundary.
    Jacobs: "It´s not easy to be a field theorist ..."
    Parlett: "The Unified Field in Practice".
  • Organismic Theory
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Goldstein/Scheerer: "Abstract and Concrete Behavior"
    Votsmeier: "Gestalt-Therapie und die "Organismische Theorie"
    - Der Einfluß Kurt Goldsteins -".
    Unbekannt: "Das holistische Konzept der Organismischen Selbstverwirklichung bei Kurt Goldstein". (pdf.-Datei)
  • Holism
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Robine: Le Holisme de J.C. Smuts
    Votsmeier: "Kurt Goldstein and Holism".
  • Psychoanalysis
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Freud, Jung, Rank, Adler, Reich, Horney
    Otto Rank
    Wilhelm Reich
    - orgon.de: "Von der Psychoanalyse zur Körpertherapie".
    - Burmester: "Körpertherapeutische Ansätze nach Wilhelm Reich".
  • Zen-Buddhism, Creative Indifference, Paradox of change
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Maurer: Über Friedlaenders Konzept der "Schöpferischen Indifferenz".
    Beisser: Die paradoxe Theorie der Veränderung.
    Wolfert: "The spiritual dimensions of Gestalt Therapy".
  • Gen. Semantics
    ... Introduction ... (Link not yet activated)
    Wysong: "Alfred Korzybski and Gestalt Therapy"

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